Oklahoma Railway Museum

In the heart of Oklahoma City, OK, rests a unique, captivating attraction that tells the story of a bygone era: Oklahoma Railway Museum. This local gem keeps the history of the city's railway system alive, creating an educational and fun experience for all ages.

History and Establishment

Oklahoma Railway Museum was established in 2002. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the state's rich railway history. The museum shares the story of the development and impact of railroads in Oklahoma. This narrative unfolds through engaging exhibits, educational programs, and an extensive collection of vintage railway artifacts.

Collections and Exhibits

  • Vintage Locomotives and Carriages: The museum houses an impressive collection of historical locomotives and carriages. These include the Santa Fe #643 steam locomotive, a 1940's Southern Pacific baggage car, and the MKT #5 Caboose, to name a few.
  • Railroad Memorabilia: A plethora of railroad memorabilia, such as original uniforms, photographs, tickets, and railway tools, are also on display.
  • Model Trains: The museum showcases several model trains with meticulous attention to detail. This exhibit often fascinates children and model train enthusiasts alike.

Activities and Programs

Oklahoma Railway Museum is more than just a place for observation. It also offers hands-on experiences, educational programs, and special events throughout the year, such as:

  • Train Rides: One of the museum's main attractions is the vintage train rides. These rides occur every first and third Saturday, providing visitors a glimpse of what travel was like in earlier times.
  • Children's Programs: The museum offers several programs, including "Day Out With Thomas," which allows kids to meet the famous character from Thomas & Friends.
  • Special Events: The museum hosts annual events such as the "Steam Engine Show" and the "Christmas Train Ride," offering unique experiences for families.

Museum Operations and Support

Oklahoma Railway Museum is run by dedicated volunteers passionate about preserving and sharing the state's railway history. They maintain the museum's collection, guide tours, and host educational programs. Their dedication has kept the spirit of the railway alive in Oklahoma.

The museum also relies on generous donations and memberships from the public. These funds help preserve the historical equipment, manage the museum's operations, and support educational programs.


Oklahoma Railway Museum offers a peaceful retreat into the past in the bustling metropolis of Oklahoma City, OK. It provides a memorable journey through the history and impact of railroads on the state's development. For anyone visiting or living in Oklahoma City, it's a destination that should not be missed.